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Boni Von Haus Schreiner BH, IGP1


Polish Import


      Boni earned her IGP1, BH in Poland prior to relocating to the U.S.A. She joined our home, hearts, training, and program in 2023, from the day she arrived to current she acts like she was born at WindRidge.  Her pedigree is remarkable as are her temperament, bold coloring, and beautiful long coat.

      She is loving, loyal, and filled with spirited positive enthusiastic attitude, she loves to do everything quick as lightning. Boni is super focused on people and thrives to please, with her happy, joyful expression, it seems as if she is always smiling.

      Boni has correct confidence per the breed but is not rude or high drive/overbearing. She enjoys playing fetch, following the tractor/lawn mower and is always up for a car ride to go hiking to explore the great outdoors or relaxing at home watching the setting sun from our patio.

Hips- SV: HD A-normal (A1) Elbows: FCI: A 1/2

OFA Cardiac: Normal, DM clear, Embark cleared

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