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V Lazpero Basha


Polish Import

      Leah is a beautiful long coat black and red female, that was born, raised, trained, and earned her V rating in Poland. Leah has excellent structure and a very thick solid build. She has amazing movement, a perfect top- line and moves like the wind. (“V”: Excellent is a rating category that must be used only for the “total package” excellent training, performance, and importantly excellent dog if we are to maintain the “breed”)

      Since arriving at WindRidge in 2023 she has adapted quickly and is enjoying being a family & ranch dog. Always delighted to go on outings exploring our property, she truly enjoys exploring all the new locations and experiences with her human family. She is always excited to see everyone and quick to say hi, get pets and leave a kiss. While meeting new people, male dogs, and puppies of all ages, Leah is calm, confident, joyful and she has been known to gently jump up and give hugs when asked. Leah likes to play with the other dogs but when people are around you can be sure that she will be right there with them no matter what else the other dogs are doing. She is super focused on people and lives to do anything they ask of her.

      While she is a super fun-loving, loyal, and playful adult that takes everything in excepting stride. She is quiet, easy to handle, quick to learn with her willing temperament, incredible confidence, and knowledgeable experienced manners, she also knows when to turn off her energy to be calm and serious.

Hips: A Normal, Elbows: A Normal,

OFA Cardiac: Normal, DM - N/N, Embark cleared.

Titles - V, Height - 24 in at withers, Weight - 79 pounds, Coat - Long Coat, Color - Black/Red Saddle

Leah Dec 2-23 (5).JPG
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