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Burning Man of WindRidge


OFA Certifications: Eyes Normal, Cardiac Normal, Hips Good, Elbows Normal, DM Normal (N/N) by DNA, VWD1 Normal by DNA
Embark Cleared, Burning Man of WindRidge did not have the variants that we tested for that are relevant to his breed.

Coat Color: K Locus: Ky'Ky, RALY: N'N, Intensity intermediate red pigmentation, A Locus: AT'AT (black and tan saddle pattern)

 Coat Length: GT stock coat carrying long coat.


      Xykar is 3rd generation at WindRidge, a grandson of Champion Bismark Tecumseh.  A robust dog with a solid presence and exceptional correct overall type, Xykar is a stately, confident, powerful male. This healthy, stunning adult stud has strong, masculine bone structure including a huge gorgeous and expressive head. He consistently passes these desirable traits to his progeny.
      Xykar has a tremendous desire to please his human pack. He loves to participate with his humans, whether it be play, training, or protection as needed. His gentle character and correct temperament are offset when it's time to work.  He is focused with excellent ball drive and correct prey drive. Over the years, Xykar's puppies have been welcome additions to several loving, active, working, training, and therapy homes.

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