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Odyssey of WindRidge


OFA Certifications: Hip Good, Elbows Normal, Eyes Normal, DM Normal (N/N) by DNA, Cardiac Normal.
Embark Cleared, Odyssey of WindRidge did not have the variants tested for that are relevant to his breed.
Coat Color: K Locus Ky'Ky, RALY N'N, A Locus AT'A (mostly black with lighter patches on their cheeks, eyebrows, chest, and legs)
Coat Length: TT Long Coat


      Juro is 5th generation at WindRidge on his dam’s side (Don't Stop Believin' of WindRidge-call name Jurnee, sired by IPO1, BH SG1 Hiro Varmenberg). Juro has a masculine build and is excellently proportioned. He has a very expressive correct head and super pigmented deep mahogany and black long coat. His gait is powerful, flowing and ground covering.

      Juro's temperament is absolutely solid, a proud and confident male, while having a very loving side to match his individual charm and personality. Absolutely clear in the head, loves children and other dogs, friendly in nature, He is always ready to travel, train, play and his attitude thrives to please. 

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