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Stella Nova of WindRidge


OFA Hips: Good, Elbows: Normal, Eyes: Normal, DM Clear, Embark cleared.


      Nova is a flashy female with a beautiful head type and elegant feminine expression.  Her structure is well balanced and correct with the slightest angulation to her topline which allows her fluid stride while maintaining strong balance and endurance with beautiful yet powerful floating movement. She comes from top Polish and Canadian/American bloodlines. Her parents are Odyssey of WindRidge (call name Juro) and Canadian Champion Summerview's Keeka (call name Keeka)

      She is a loving girl, full of confidence but in no way rude or overbearing. Nova has a very sweet and gentle soul, she is quiet - while always observing and being knowledgeable of her surroundings. A confident young adult female that learns from observation and implementation. She is a pretty mellow gal who is happy while training, just hanging/lounging out at home on our farm, living indoors, yet is always on watch to alert to danger.

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