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Rocket Man of WindRidge


OFA: Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Eyes Normal, Cardiac Normal, DM Normal (N/N) by DNA, VWD1 Normal (N/N) by DNA. Embark Cleared.


      Jett is 4th generation from WindRidge. He is the son of Xykar, Great Grandson of Champion Bismark Tecumseh. Although he is a young adult stud, he has a masculine thick structure, large expressive correct head, and bone mass, stunning rich long black and red coat, with large superior over-all type.

      He's a wonderful in-home family/actively working farm dog with strong desire to please, always ready to play, train, and hike. Jett is trustworthy as a protector and guardian; he is safe with children, other pets and even farm animals. He is a Gentle Giant but can take care of Business if need be. Jett thrives to be with his people and will follow readily, with his good confidence and wonderful temperament, he is a very impressive upcoming male!

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